179 Pretty And Cute Aesthetic Baby Names For Girls With Meanings

Aesthetic names for girls who have meaning is a relatively new trend. Parents are drawn to the idea of giving their children a name with significant meaning to them, but they also want a good-looking name. Names like Lily and Rose mean “purity” and “rose,” respectively, but these names also happen to be popular in many countries.

Aesthetic names for girls are often more complicated than they seem. When you think about choosing a name, you want to pick something that goes well with your child’s personality and will grow with her. There is no wrong way to name your daughter, but some names can be more complicated than others.

To help with this dilemma, I compiled a list of 179 aesthetic names that carry good meaning with them for your baby girl.

179 Beautiful Aesthetic Baby Names For Girls With Meanings

1. Ailee:

Ailee is a pretty name and it has a nice meaning. With a name like that, Ailee can expect to have a beautiful life ahead of her. She will have the best of everything, and she will be surrounded by the people who love her. Her name will serve as a source of strength and comfort throughout her life.

2. Alaska:

The name Alaska can be traced back to the Aleutian Islands, which is located in the Pacific Ocean. The word “Alaska” comes from the Russian word for “great land.” This name is made appropriate by its meaning, as well as its connection with nature and wilderness. One of the most common ways to use this name is for girls.

3. Alice:

The name Alice means “noble” or “bright.”

Alice is a simple and elegant name that remains close to the top of the charts. An old-fashioned name with a modern sound, it also has a place in French and Italian ancestry, making it a great fit for families with ties to those countries.

4. Angelina:

Angelina is a name that is derived from the word “angel” which means messenger or spirit.

Angelina is a great name for your baby girl if you want her to be confident, loyal and beautiful. Angelina is a famous name with many famous people named this. If you want your baby to be famous or be in the spotlight, this is a great name for them.

5. Annabelle:

Annabelle is a French and English name. The meaning of the name is “lovable”. Annabelle is a pretty and feminine name that is perfect for your daughter. Because Annabelle’s meaning relates to God and angel, it is a name your daughter will be proud to grow into. She will also have a cute nickname, Anna, to go along with it.

6. Aquitaine:

“Aquitaine” is a beautiful name that means water or of water. It is a name that has many meanings and fits a baby of any gender. It is a name that will be cherished by the parents.

Aquitaine is a region of France known for its heavy rainfall and agriculture. The name of Aquitaine likely comes from the Latin word aqua, meaning water. There are many high lakes, rivers and marshes in the Aquitaine region of France. This likely led Romans to call the area “Waterland” or “Country by the Water”.

7. Aria:

Aria is a beautiful, feminine name that means “bright and sunny.”

Aria means “air” in Italian and is a feminine name of Arabic origin. A beautiful name with a meaning reminiscent of the air around us. The name may be familiar to you if you are an avid watcher of “Pretty Little Liars”.

8. Arwen:

The name Arwen has Celtic roots. It means “the white” or “fair one.” Feminine, fresh, and lovely- Arwen would make a great baby name for your little girl!

The name Arwen is a Welsh baby name and it is also an uncommon surname found in Wales and Scotland. The name is borne in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and the character Arwen appears as a princess and elven maiden who falls in love with a mortal man called Aragorn.

9. Atlas:

Atlas is a name that means “enduring, bearing up under weight.” This meaning can be applied to the baby’s future, whether it is to grow strong enough to bear up under the weight of life’s challenges.

10. Auberon:

Auberon is a very popular name which means “noble power.” This is a perfect name for either a boy or girl.

11. Autumn:

Autumn season is a time of new beginnings, abundance, and falling leaves. Autumn is a time of transition, growth, and change. Autumn is a time of endings as well.

12. Avery:

The name Avery is a French baby name meaning “noble”. It has the same roots in Latin as the word “virile” which means “masculine”, and was also popular in medieval England.

13. Bathsheba:

Bathsheba was a biblical character who is referenced in II Samuel 11. The name Bathsheba means “daughter of the oath” and is a popular feminine given name in the Middle East today.

14. Bea:

The name Bea is a feminine name that is of Latin origin. The meaning of the word Bea in Latin is “lives, blessed, prosperity.” Bea is one of the most popular names for baby girls in America, with almost 6,000 new birth records last year according to Social Security data. The name is originally from the Gaelic meaning “strength.

15. Bellatrix:

“Bellatrix” means ‘female warrior,’ which is great for parents who are looking for a strong name for their child. Bellatrix was the daughter of Orion, who was known for his hunting skills and she learned from her father to be an accomplished huntress.

16. Belle:

This is a French word meaning “pretty” or “beautiful” in English, the name Belle has been commonly used by the protagonists of popular Disney films, most notably portrayed by Ariel in The Little Mermaid and Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

Belle is associated with “lovely” qualities like beauty, innocence and modesty.

17. Betty:

Betty is a girl’s name meaning “bright one” and has roots in Old French and Latin languages and also name meaning “blessed” or “friend”. The name Betty originates in the Germanic language and is the most common name in Denmark, Norway and the United States.

18. Billie:

The name Billie has a variety of different meanings and origins. It’s possible that the name derives from the Old Norse word “bil” which means “chariot.” The word is also related to the Old English words “bel” which means “to shine,” and “bille” which means “a billiards cue.” The name may also be derived from the Irish Gaelic meaning “white-haired one.” Billie is most commonly found as a feminine given name.

19. Birdie:

birdie is a baby whose mother does not drink alcohol, and a baby with a birdie name will have a similar upbringing. Similar to the word “bird” in English, the word “birdie” is often used as a term of endearment or an adjective during childhood. The meaning of birdie has changed over time to be used as a name for little children.

20. Blair:

Blair is a beautiful Gaelic name meaning “Field of battle,” “God’s child,” or “Blond” and it will grow in popularity in the coming years. If you are looking for a unique baby name, Blair may be the perfect name for your little one. In the Scottish language Gaelic, it means “Place near a stream” or “Stream by a field.

21. Blythe:

Blythe means “cheerful” or “pleasant” in Old English. It can also mean “easily pleased.” Blythe is currently ranked as the 4,136th most popular name for girls born in the United States.

Blythe is a feminine name with a meaning rooted in the English language. It is made up of two words: “blyth” and “e”. The first word means happy, calm, and content. The second means a person who makes others happy, agreeable, and pleasant.

If you want your daughter to be a cheerful, gentle person that always has a smile on her face then give her the name Blythe.

22. Briar:

Briar has a lovely meaning that comes from its origins. The name is French in origin, which it translated to mean “thicket” or “brushwood.”  This would be fitting for a homebody who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty, but is also beautiful enough for the woman who is always looking her best.

23. Briella:

Briella is a name that holds English and Irish origins. In England, this name means “strong one” while in Ireland, it is said to mean “a little lad”.

24. Brita:

Brita is a Swedish baby name which means “broad.” Brita was originally Germanic and it came to Sweden through Germany. The name is not pronounced like “BREE-ta” but like “brit-uh.

25. Bronte:

Bronte is a Scandinavian name meaning “thunder” or “lightning.” A famous bearer of this name is author Charlotte Bronte, who wrote the novel Jane Eyre.

26. Cami:

Cami is a baby girl name with Hebrew or Arabic origins. It means “goddess”. If you are looking for names for your baby girl, Cami could be the perfect one.

27. Cara:

Cara is a name of Irish and Gaelic origin meaning “friend” or “dear.” It is often used as a nickname for names such as Caroline, Carolyn, Carina, and so on.

28. Catrine:

The meaning of Catrine can be simply interpreted as “pure”. Having the title ‘pure’, Catrine is an excellent choice for parents looking for a unique name.

29. Celeste:

Celeste is a Latin name meaning “heavenly.” This is the perfect name for your little one who has brought joy back to your life. The meaning also implies that this precious baby was sent by God.

30. Chantilly:

Chantilly is a French name that means “pure and white”. The name itself has been around for quite some time, but it hadn’t really become popular until recently. The most recent use of the name was in the hit TV series named “Pretty Little Liars”. The show’s main character is named Chantilly Fields.

31. Chantria:

Chantria is a girl’s name meaning “song in French,” and in Hebrew, it means “the voice of the singer.”

32. Charlie:

Charlie is a name that derives from the Old German word “Kharalii” which means strong, good, hardy. In Latin, it can be translated to ‘manly’. In Dutch and Italian, Charlie carries with it the meanings of ‘free man’, in Dutch referring to an unbound peasant and in Italian referring to freeman.

33. Charlotte:

Charlotte is a female given name. The origin of the name comes from the Germanic name “Karl” which means “man”. Named after Queen Charlotte Sophia, who was married to King George III of England, this name became popular in the 18th century. In French, it could translate to “petite and feminine” while in Spanish it translates to “free man”.

34. Christabel:

The word Christabel is said to be derived from the French word “Christabelle”, which means “a beautiful girl with a curly hair”. The name Christabel is also found in the German language as “Christabelle”, and this meaning is “a beautiful girl with a curly hair”.

35. Christian:

Christians are often called to name their children after biblical characters. How about naming your baby after the star that guided the Magi to the Christ child?

36. Claudine:

The word Claudine is a common French name that means “lame person” or “lame.” In Dutch, the word Claudine means “small.” In other languages, the word has a variety of meanings including “blind,” which comes from Latin.

37. Clementine:

In French, it means “mercy” and in Hebrew it means “kindness.” In Spanish, this name means “merciful” and in Greek it translates as “gentle.

38. Cleo:

The name means “shining one” in Hebrew. In Greek, Cleo can translate to “bright,” and in Arabic, it can mean “the shining one.”
In French, Cleo is an adjective that means “lively,” while in Spanish it translates to “maiden with downcast eyes.

39. Coco:

The name Coco is associated with many different meanings across cultures, the most common of which is “coconut.” The name Coco in French means “pretty girl,” and in Spanish it means “helmet.” Meanwhile, in Indian, it means “puffed rice.

40. Cora:

The meaning of the name depends on the language. For example, in the Greek language, the name Cora means “maiden” or “young woman.” In Swahili, the name is translated to “precious stone.” In Romanian, it means “dearly loved one.

41. Coral:

The name “coral” which means “red stone.” The word has different meanings in other languages such as “coral” in Hindi meaning “a precious object.

42. Cyan:

Cyan, a shade of blue green is a color that symbolizes heaven and the sky. However, in other languages such as Japanese and Persian, this vivid hue signifies deep sadness. In Turkish cyan is symbolic of betrayal.

43. Daintree:

There are many different meanings for the name Daintree, each depending on the language of origin. The English meaning is ‘strong and powerful voice’ and is derived from the Old Norse word “Dain,” meaning “resolute.” In Gaelic, it means “a sacred place” and in Welsh, it is a place name. The Navajo meaning is “the crown of leaves.

44. Darby:

Darby is a surname of English, Scottish, and Irish origin which means “dark river”. In Spanish it means “oak tree forest” while in Icelandic it means “oak grove.”

45. Delaney:

In Gaelic, the name means “black haired warrior.” In Spanish, it means “like a lion.” In Irish, it is an Anglicization of the Gaelic surname O’Deachtain. These three different meanings all represent a brave and courageous person.

46. Della:

Della is a unisex name that means “noble, valuable” in Irish and it also means “deer” in French. In Polish, the name means “small”.

47. Delphine:

Derived from the Greek words “delphis” meaning “dolphin” and “hippos” meaning “horse”, Delphine has been a popular name for centuries. In different languages, the meaning of Delphine changes. For example, in French and Spanish, it means “dolphin”. In Arabic, it means “sea horse”. And in German and Swedish it means “seal”.

48. Demelza:

Demelza, in Welsh means ‘fair minded’. In Romanian it means ‘jewelry with a ring-shaped ornament’. In Czech it means ‘to move quickly’. The name Demelza has the same roots as the word demure, which derives from the Latin word meaning “to conceal or to shirk,” but also “to be bashful.

49. Dionne:

Dionne is a girl name pronounced DEAN-wah. Originally, the name Dionne was taken from the name of the Greek goddess Demeter which means earth mother. The meaning in different languages varies, but in Dutch it means “true to one’s word”.

50. Dorthea:

Dorthea is a feminine given name. The word “dorthea” is often derived from the Greek word “dorothea”, meaning “gift of god.” Other meanings for this name include “gazelle,” which comes from the Greek words “dory” and “theas,” where “dory” means gazelle, and “thiasos” means company or assembly.

51. Effie:

Effie is a name of Greek origin meaning “bright.” In Hebrew, Effie means “to flow down” or “to pour out.” In French, the meaning of Effie is “lily flower.” In Japanese, Effie means “to give birth.” In Welsh, Effie means “fair, white and smooth.

52. Eglantine:

Eglantine is a type of flower that blooms in the spring. What most people don’t know is that it also has different meanings in other languages. The name translates to cheerful, cheerful walker, and/or lively one in French, perky, animated one in Russian, and happy, sweet smelling one in Latin.

53. Elliot:

In the Gujarati language, it means “the Lord is my God.” In Swahili, it means “blessed” and in Farsi, it translates to “powerful.” The English word Elidor is a variation of the name Elliot which comes from the Welsh origins meaning “the Lord is my light,” or in some cases “sun god.

54. Elliott:

Elliott is a first name which is derived from the Greek word “elektos”. The name Elliotte (also spelled Elisha) is of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my God”. It was used by Sir Walter Scott in his last novel Ivanhoe. Elliott was also popularized as the name of the titular character on the American TV series “Dallas”.

55. Ellis:

Ellis can mean “Lion” in Welsh, “Elfin champion” in Old English, “God of the sea” in Danish, and “Happy warrior” in Finnish. It can also be found as a female given name for those who are born after Ellis Island opened.

56. Elodie:

In French, Elodie means “the one who heals.” In Portuguese, Elodie means God’s promise, and in Welsh it means “light.”

57. Eloise:

Eloise is a name and surname of French and Germanic origin meaning “praise, delight” in both languages. It was popularized by the character of Eloise in “Eloise at the Plaza”. The Dutch form of the name is Aloysius.

58. Elora:
59. Elowen:
60. Ember:
61. Emerald:
62. Emerson:
63. Esme:
64. Evangelica:
65. Eve:
66. Everleigh:
67. Faith:
68. Fay:
69. Feather:
70. Ferelith:
71. Finley:
72. Flora:
73. Frankie:
74. Gardenia:
75. Gemini:
76. Godiva:
77. Goldie:
78. Grey:
79. Harlow:
80. Hattie:
81. Hayden:
82. Hazel:
83. Hermione:
84. Hollis:
85. Hope:
86. Hyacinth:
87. Ianthe:
88. Indy:
89. Isla:
90. Ivy:
91. Izzy:
92. Jamila:
93. Jolie:
94. Jules:
95. Jun:
96. Juniper:
97. Juno:
98. Kaira:
99. Laney:
100. Lavender:
101. Leanna:
102. Lilly:
103. Liv:
104. Lorelei:
105. Lulu:
106. Luna:
107. Lyra:
108. Magnolia:
109. Maia:
110. Mari:
111. Marley:
112. Marlowe:
113. Melanie:
114. Meriah:
115. Merry:
116. Milana:
117. Mira:
118. Nazareth:
119. Nela:
120. Nella:
121. Odette:
122. Olive:
123. Olivine:
124. Ophelia:
125. Oriana:
126. Orion:
127. Pandora:
128. Paris:
129. Peony:
130. Phayre:
131. Poppy:
132. Portland:
133. Posie:
134. Primrose:
135. Rae:
136. Ramona:
137. Ramsay:
138. Rory:
139. Rose:
140. Rosie:
141. Roux:
142. Rowen:
143. Ruby:
144. Sage:
145. Scarlett:
146. Scot:
147. Scotland:
148. Scout:
149. Serena:
150. Sia:
151. Sky:
152. Sloan:
153. Sloane:
154. Stella:
155. Thea:
156. Tinsley:
157. Titania:
158. Twyla:
159. Ursa:
160. Vera:
161. Victoria:
162. Violet:
163. Violette:
164. Waverly:
165. Willow:
166. Winnie:
167. Winter:
168. Wren:
169. Xena:
170. Yara:
171. York:
172. Zahara:
173. Zara:
174. Zayda:
175. Zella:
176. Zemira:
177. Zenovia:
178. Zoey:
179. Zuri:

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