1962 Baby Boy Names That Start With B

There are many popular names for a boy that start with the letter B. A few of these popular names are Benjamin, Bruce, and Brandon. When deciding on a name for your son, it is important to take into consideration any nicknames he could be called in order to avoid confusion later in life.

Lots of people are naming their baby boys after celebrities these days, but is it a good idea? It’s hard to know what the little one might want in 10 years.

Now, if you’re looking for some more traditional names that start with B, then this article is for you.
Benedict: Meaning blessed one. Benedict has been on the US popularity list since 1880 and currently ranks number 95.
Benjamin: Meaning son of my right hand.

1962 Baby Boy Names That Start With B

Baako Beatty Bjarne Breaddles
Baasu Beatus Bjarni Breaiden
Bab Beaty Bjergen Breaker
Baba Beau Bjorn Breandan
Babafemi Beauchamp Björn Breandeis
Babai Beaudan Bjorne Breaux
Babar Beauden Bjornson Breayanna
Babatunde Beaudie Bjornsterne Breccan
Babay Beaudine Black Breck
Babbu Beauford Blackburn Breckan
Babby Beaufort Blackburne Brecken
Babe Beaumont Blackstone Breckin
Babee Beauregard Blackwell Breckinridge
Babes Beauvais Blade Brecklen
Babk Beaux Bladen Breckon
Babloo Beavan Bladimir Brede
Bablu Beaven Blagburn Bree
Babo Beaver Blagden Breece
Babou Beavess Blagoje Breed
Babsen Beavis Blah Breedlove
Babson Bebe Blahoslav Breek
Babsson Bebecito Blain Breen
Babtysta Bebek Blaine Brees
Babu Bebi Blair Breeze
Babuli Bebis Blaire Breki
Bacchus Bebito Blais Brekken
Bach Bebo Blaisdell Brekkin
Bachellor Bebu Blaise Breland
Bachelor Becan Blaize Breley
Badar Becher Blake Bremen
Baden Bechet Blakelee Bren
Bader Beck Blakeleigh Brenan
Badger Beckam Blakeley Brendan
Badir Becker Blakelie Brendano
Badmus Beckett Blakely Brenden
Badou Beckham Blakeman Brendin
Badr Beckhym Blakeney Brendon
Badr al Din Beckley Blakenie Brendt
Badru Becse Blakeny Brendyn
Badu Beda Blakey Breneman
Bae Bedall Blanc Brenham
Baebee Bede Blanchard Brenin
Baeden Bedell Blanco Brenn
Baek-hyeon Bedevere Blandford Brennan
Baelin Bediako Blandino Brennen
Baelor Bedivere Blandon Brenner
Baen Bedo Blane Brennex
Baer Bedrich Blaney Brennin
Baez Bedros Blanford Brennon
Baggio Beebe Blanton Brennt
Bagheera Beech Blaque Brennus
Bah Beecham Blase Brent
Baha Beecher Blasien Brentan
Bahati Beechy Blasio Brenten
Bahaullah Beegan Blasius Brentin
Bahir Beegin Blaxton Brentlee
Bahjat Beekman Blayden Brentley
Bahram Beeman Blayke Brently
Bai Beemer Blayne Brenton
Baiardo Beemon Blayr Brentt
Bail Beeri Blayre Brentton
Bailby Behan Blayse Brenttyn
Bailee Behr Blayz Brentyn
Baileigh Behrad Blayze Brenyn
Bailey Behramji Blaž Breon
Bailie Behruz Blaze Breshyre
Baillee Beige Bleddyn Breslin
Baillie Beignet Bledig Bret
Bailor Beinon Bledri Breton
Baily Beirne Bleiz Brett
Bain Beirney Bless Brette
Bainbridge Beirnie Blessed Bretton
Baine Bejamin Blessing Brevard
Bairam Bejay Blessings Brevin
Baird Bekele Blesson Brevyn
Bajardo Bela Bleu Brewer
Bakar Belal Blewett Brewster
Bakari Belamy Bligh Brex
Bakchos Belarmino Blin Brexsen
Bake Belcher Blini Brexten
Baker Beldane Blinn Brexton
Bakr Belden Bliss Brextyn
Baku Beldene Blithe Breyden
Bala Beldon Blitz Breyer
Balabhadra Belen Blobby Breylan
Balakrishna Belindo Blondell Breylen
Balarabe Belisario Bloo Breylin
Balasi Belisarios Bloom Breylon
Balbi Belisarius Blossom Breyon
Balbino Bell Blu Breysen
Balbo Bellamey Bluberry Breyson
Bald Bellamie Blue Bri
Baldassare Bellamy Blueberry Briac
Baldemar Bellarmine Blues Briahna
Balder Bellarmino Bly Briam
Balderic Bellden Blythe Brian
Balderik Belldene Bnaya Briana
Baldev Belldon Bo Briand
Baldewin Bellemy Boar Briane
Baldie Bellerophon Boas Briann
Baldo Bellindo Boase Briannah
Baldomar Bellini Boaurich Brianne
Baldomero Bellmont Boaz Brianni
Baldor Bello Bob Briannon
Baldovino Bellome Boba Briano
Baldr Bellow Boban Briant
Baldric Bellton Bobbee Briar
Baldrick Bellveder Bobbey Briauna
Balduin Bellvedere Bobbi Briaunna
Balduino Bellvidere Bobbie Brice
Baldur Belmont Bobby Bricen
Baldwin Belshazzar Bobo Bricio
Baldwinn Belton Bocar Brick
Baldwyn Beltran Bode Brickel
Baldwynn Beltrano Bodee Brickell
Bale Belveder Boden Bricker
Balendin Belvedere Bodey Brickman
Baley Belvider Bodhi Bricriu
Balfer Belvidere Bodi Bridge
Balfor Bem Bodie Bridgeley
Balfore Bemis Bodin Bridgely
Balfour Bemus Bodine Bridgemont
Bali Ben Bodoque Bridger
Balin Benaiah Boe Bridges
Balint Benajah Boen Bridh
Bálint Benajamin Bogaard Brieann
Ballad Benas Bogaart Brien
Ballantine Benat Bogaerd Brienne
Ballard Beñat Bogart Brier
Ballbo Bence Bogdan Brieuc
Balldwin Bende Bogey Brigg
Ballfour Bendick Boghos Briggham
Balliol Bendict Bogie Briggs
Ballou Bendigeidfran Bogoljub Briggston
Balmoral Bendix Bogomir Brigham
Balon Bendt Bogosi Bright
Balraj Benecio Boguchwal Brighten
Balsam Benedek Bogumierz Brighton
Baltasar Benedetto Bogumil Brigston
Baltazar Benedick Boguslaw Brij
Balthasaar Benedict Bogy Brijesh
Balthasar Benedicto Boh Brik
Balthazaar Benedictos Bohan Brilan
Balthazar Benedictus Bohannon Brilee
Baltimore Benedik Bohdan Briley
Balto Benedikt Bohdi Brin
Balton Benedikte Bohemia Brindley
Baltsaros Benedito Bohemond Brindly
Balu Benedykt Bohemund Briney
Balveer Benejamen Bohlale Brink
Balzac Benen Bohumil Brinlee
Balzo Benet Bohuslav Brinleigh
Bam Benett Boid Brinley
Bamba Benevolent Boiken Brinly
Bambam Benga Boine Brinsley
Bambino Bengt Boitumelo Brinson
Bamboo Benhamin Bojan Brinstan
Bami Beni Bokamoso Brintlee
Ban Beniamin Bokang Brinton
Banaing Beniamino Bolan Brinx
Banan Benicio Boldbilig Briny
Bancrofft Benigno Boleslav Brio
Bancroft Benito Boleslaw Brioc
Bandar Benja Bolevar Brion
Bandele Benjaman Bolita Brishan
Bandile Benjamen Bolivar Brison
Bandit Benjamim Bollivar Bristol
Bane Benjamin Bollton Briston
Banebridge Benjamino Bolt Bristow
Banfield Benjamon Bolten Brisyn
Bangkok Benjee Boltin Brit
Banh Benjen Bolton Britain
Banjamon Benjey Bolverk Britannicus
Banjeet Benji Bom Briton
Banji Benjie Boman Britt
Banjo Benjiman Bomani Brittain
Banjora Benjimen Bombay Brittan
Bank Benjimin Bon Britte
Banks Benjiro Bonami Britten
Banner Benjy Bonamy Britto
Bannerman Benn Bonanza Britton
Banning Bennato Bonar Brix
Bannoch Benne Bonaventura Brixen
Bannock Bennedict Bonaventure Brixon
Bannon Bennedikt Bond Brixten
Bannu Bennet Bonfecio Brixton
Bantu Bennett Bonga Brixtyn
Banx Bennety Bonham Brixx
Bany Benni Boni Brixxton
Banyan Bennie Boniface Briyson
Bao Benning Bonifacio Brizio
Baobao Bennington Bonifacius Broc
Bap Bennito Bonifacy Brochan
Baptist Benno Bonifatius Brock
Baptista Bennt Bonifaz Brocke
Baptiste Benntt Bonnar Brockhoist
Baqir Benny Bonner Brocklea
Bar Benoit Bono Brocklee
Barabbas Benoît Bonolo Brockley
Barack Benoni Bonti Brocklie
Barae Bensen Bonus Brockly
Barak Bensiabel Boo Brockten
Baraka Benson Booker Brocktin
Barakel Benssen Boomer Brockton
Baram Bensson Boon Brocton
Baran Bensyn Boone Brod
Barbar Bent Boop Broda
Barbeau Bentlea Boopie Broddy
Barber Bentlee Boot Brodee
Barbossa Bentley Boote Brodeick
Barbour Bentli Booth Broden
Barclay Bentlie Boothe Broder
Barcley Bentlli Boots Broderic
Bard Bently Bor Broderick
Barde Bento Borachio Brodey
Barden Benton Borak Brodhi
Bardia Bentz Borbon Brodi
Bardiya Benvenuto Borden Brodie
Bardo Benvolio Bordin Brodix
Bardolf Benyamin Bordon Brodny
Bardolph Benyamino Boreal Brodric
Bardon Benz Borg Brodrick
Bardou Benzion Boris Brodryck
Bardoul Beo Borislav Brody
Bardric Beom-seok Boriss Brodyn
Bardrich Beorhtel Borja Brogan
Bardrick Beorn Borje Broggan
Bardulf Beornheard Born Brohdy
Bardulph Beowulf Borna Broic
Bardyllis Beppe Borne Brok
Barek Ber Boromir Broly
Barend Bercan Borris Brom
Baret Bered Borromeo Bromlea
Baretto Beren Bort Bromlee
Bari Berend Boruch Bromleigh
Bari? Berenger Borya Bromley
Barin Berenice Borys Bromwell
Baris Beresford Boryslaw Bromwyl
Barker Berevon Bosa Bron
Barkev Berg Bosco Bronco
Barklay Bergen Boslea Broncs
Barkley Berger Boslee Brone
Barklie Bergeron Bosleigh Bronislav
Barksdale Berggren Bosley Bronislaw
Barlett Bergh Bosly Bronko
Barley Bergin Boss Bronn
Barlow Beriah Boston Bronnson
Barlowe Berian Bostyn Bronsen
Barn Beric Boswell Bronsin
Barna Berillo Bosworth Bronson
Barnaba Berilo Botan Bronsonn
Barnabars Berin Both Bronsson
Barnabas Berinhard Botham Bronte
Barnabe Beriszl Bothe Bronx
Barnabee Berk Botlhale Bronze
Barnabey Berke Botolf Brook
Barnabie Berkeley Botolff Brooke
Barnabus Berkely Botolph Brooker
Barnaby Berkie Botond Brookes
Barnard Berklee Botulf Brookie
Barnardo Berkley Botulph Brooklyn
Barnebas Berklie Botwe Brooks
Barnebus Berky Bou Broomlie
Barnes Berl Boubacar Brose
Barnet Berle Boudewijn Brosedy
Barnett Berlin Boulder Brosnan
Barney Berlyn Boun Broughton
Barnham Berman Bourbon Brown
Barnhard Bern Bourey Brubeck
Barnhardo Bernabe Bourke Bruce
Barni Bernado Bourn Brucey
Barnie Bernal Bourne Brucie
Barno Bernald Boutros Bruin
Barnum Bernard Bouvier Bruino
Barny Bernardino Bow Bruiser
Barok Bernardo Bowden Brume
Baron Bernarr Bowdie Brun
Baronet Bernat Bowdoin Brunel
Baronett Bernd Bowe Brunell
Baronicio Berndt Bowen Bruno
Barr Berne Bo-wen Brunon
Barra Bernelle Bower Brunswick
Barrack Bernet Bowie Bruto
Barrak Bernett Bowin Brutus
Barrat Bernez Bowman Bry
Barratt Bernhald Bowyn Bryan
Barrclay Bernhard Boyan Bryann
Barree Bernhardo Boyce Bryanne
Barren Bernhold Boyd Bryant
Barret Bernice Boyde Bryar
Barrett Bernie Boyden Bryars
Barrette Bernis Boyer Bryauna
Barrey Bernold Boyet Bryce
Barric Bernt Boyn Brycen
Barrick Berny Boyne Bryceson
Barrie Berold Boynton Brychan
Barrington Berquist Bozidar Brydan
Barrlow Berrett Bozrah Bryden
Barron Berrick Brace Brydon
Barrt Berrigan Bracen Brye
Barrton Berry Bracken Bryen
Barry Bersh Brackenridge Bryent
Bart Bert Brad Bryer
Bartalan Bertalan Bradach Bryken
Bartek Bertel Bradan Bryker
Bartel Bertell Bradburn Brylan
Barten Berthold Bradbury Bryland
Barth Berthoud Bradd Brylee
Barthalo Bertie Bradden Brylen
Bartheleme Bertil Braddford Bryler
Barthelemy Bertin Braddock Brylin
Barthlomeo Bertle Braddon Brylle
Bartho Berto Braddox Brylon
Barthol Bertol Braden Bryn
Barthold Bertold Bradene Brynjar
Bartholoma Bertolde Bradey Brynlee
Bartholomaios Bertoldo Bradford Brynly
Bartholomaus Bertoll Bradfurd Brynmor
Bartholome Bertolt Bradie Brynn
Bartholomeus Berton Bradlea Brynner
Bartholomew Bertram Bradlee Bryon
Barthram Bertran Bradleigh Bryor
Bartin Bertrand Bradley Brysan
Bartle Bertrando Bradlie Bryse
Bartleby Bertranno Bradly Brysen
Bartlet Bertrem Bradman Brysin
Bartlett Bertrum Bradney Bryson
Bartley Berty Bradon Brysten
Bartlitt Berur Bradshaw Bryston
Bartlomiej Berwick Brady Brysyn
Bartolo Berwin Bradyn Bryton
Bartolome Berwyn Brae Bryxtin
Bartolomeau Berwynn Braeden Bryzon
Bartolomej Berwynne Braedon Bu?ra
Bartolomeo Bes Braedy Bub
Bartolomeu Besa Braedyn Buba
Bartolomeus Besnik Braelen Bubba
Bartolommeo Besnil Braelin Bubbah
Bartome Bessarion Braelyn Bubble
Barton Best Braelynn Bubbles
Bartosz Bethel Braeson Bubby
Bartow Bethlem Braeylnn Bube
Bartram Bethuel Braham Bubs
Bartt Betito Brahim Bubu
Bartu Beto Brahm Bubune
Baruch Betony Brahma Bucardo
Baruchi Betuel Brahms Buchanan
Baruj Beuford Brahvo Buck
Bas Beulah Braian Buckey
Basajaun Beuno Braiden Buckie
Basant Bev Braidie Buckingham
Bascom Bevan Braidyn Buckley
Basel Beven Brailen Buckminister
Basem Beverlea Brailyn Buckminster
Bash Beverleigh Brain Bucky
Bashar Beverley Brainard Bud
Bashir Beverlie Brainerd Budd
Bashy Beverly Braisen Buddey
Basiano Bevil Braiser Buddi
Basie Bevin Braison Buddie
Basil Bevis Braith Buddy
Basile Beviss Braizen Budi
Basileios Bevito Braizer Budimir
Basilic Bevon Bralyn Budislav
Basilides Bevvan Bram Budzislaw
Basilie Bevvin Bramble Bueaventura
Basilio Bevvon Bramm Buel
Basilius Bevyn Brammell Buell
Basim Bex Bramwel Bueller
Basir Bexen Bramwell Buenaventura
Baskara Bexley Bramwyll Buff
Basquiat Bexon Bran Bufford
Bass Bexton Branagan Buford
Bassam Beyren Brance Bug
Bassanio Beyron Branch Bugger
Bassel Bezai Brand Buhan
Bassem Bezaleel Brandan Buhl
Basset Bezalel Branddun Buhler
Bassett Bhadran Brandeis Bui
Bassey Bhakati Brandell Buiron
Baste Bhanu Branden Bujji
Basti Bharat Brander Bullet
Bastiaan Bhaskar Brandi Bulut
Bastian Bhaskara Brandin Bum
Bastien Bhasvan Brando Bundle
Bastion Bhaswar Brandon Bungee
Bat Bhavik Brandr Bünyamin
Batcheler Bhavin Brandt Bunyan
Batcheller Bhavnish Brandy Burak
Batchellor Bhode Brandyn Burbank
Batchelor Bhoja Branigan Burch
Bates Bhone Branimir Burchall
Bati Bhruic Branislav Burchard
Batman Bhudev Branko Burchell
Battal Bhuvan Branlea Burckhardt
Batten Bi Branlee Burdett
Battista Biaggio Branley Burdette
Battiste Biagio Branlie Burel
Batu Bialas Branly Burford
Batuhan Bian Brann Burg
Baudier Bianco Branna Burgard
Baudilio Bibi Brannan Burgaud
Baudoin Bickford Brannen Burges
Baudric Bid Brannon Burgess
Bauer Bidal Brannt Burgh
Baumar Biden Brannton Burgiss
Baumer Bido Branok Burgundy
Bautista Bidyut Bransen Burhan
Bax Biel Branson Burian
Baxlea Bienvenido Branston Burk
Baxlee Biff Bransyn Burke
Baxley Bige Brant Burket
Baxlie Bigger Branten Burkett
Baxly Biggs Brantin Burkhart
Baxter Biisan Brantlee Burkitt
Bay Bijay Brantley Burl
Bayan Bikendi Brantlie Burle
Bayanai Bilal Brantly Burleigh
Bayanda Bilbo Branton Burley
Bayar Bilge Brantson Burlie
Bayard Biligt Brantt Burlin
Baybay Bill Branwell Burma
Bayden Bille Branwill Burn
Bayerd Billie Branwyll Burnaby
Baylee Billion Braque Burnard
Bayleigh Billy Braser Burne
Baylen Bimini Brasil Burnel
Bayler Bin Brason Burnell
Bayless Bine Brasyn Burnet
Bayley Bing Bratislav Burnett
Baylie Binge Bratumil Burney
Baylless Bingham Brauleigh Burnie
Baylon Bingo Braulie Burnis
Baylor Bingwen Braulio Burns
Bayly Binh Bráulio Burnum
Baynbridge Bink Brauly Burr
Bayne Binky Braun Burrell
Baynebridge Binura Brave Burrhus
Bayo Binx Braven Burroughs
Bayou Binyamin Bravery Burrows
Bayram Binyamino Bravilio Burt
Bayrd Biondello Bravlio Burton
Bayron Birch Bravo Burtt
Bayu Birchall Bravvo Burty
Baz Birchell Brawlea Busbee
Baze Bird Brawleigh Busbey
Bazeel Birdie Brawley Busbie
Bazeelius Biren Brawlie Busby
Bazel Birger Brawly Busch
Bazil Birgin Brax Bushrod
Bazyl Birhanu Braxley Bussby
Bazyli Birk Braxon Buster
Bazz Birkee Braxson Butch
Bazza Birkeley Braxston Butcher
Beacan Birket Braxstyn Buti
Beach Birkett Braxten Butler
Beacher Birkey Braxtin Buttler
Beachy Birkie Braxton Button
Beacon Birkir Braxtyn Buttu
Beagan Birkit Braxxton Buu
Beagen Birkitt Bray Buxton
Beagin Birkley Brayan Buz
Beal Birky Braycen Buzyges
Beale Birley Braydan Buzz
Beall Birlie Brayden Buzzie
Bealle Birly Braydie Buzzy
Beals Birney Braydin Byatt
Beaman Birnie Braydn Byford
Beamann Birnir Braydon Bylent
Beamen Birny Braydyn Byll
Beamer Biron Braylan Byng
Beamlak Birrani Braylen Byram
Beamon Birtle Braylin Byran
Beamus Biscuit Braylinn Byrant
Bean Bisher Brayln Byrd
Beanie Bishop Braylnn Byrdie
Beans Bishopp Braylon Byren
Bear Bishvajit Braylyn Byrleigh
Bearach Bitalo Braylynn Byrley
Bearchán Biton Braynard Byrn
Beardsley Bittor Brayon Byrne
Bearett Bittu Braysen Byrnes
Bearnard Bivan Brayson Byrom
Beasley Bivian Brayton Byron
Beaslie Bix Brayven Byrum
Beasly Bixby Braz Bysshe
Beat Bixton Brazen Byung-chul
Beathan Bj?rn Brazier Byurak
Beatie Bjarke Brazil Byuregh
Beatriz Bjarki Brazos
Beattie Bjarn Brazsen

Boys are named after their fathers, grandfathers, or other male family members. It’s not uncommon to see names like William, James, Charles, Samuel, and Edward. These traditional names are still the most popular choices today. Some parents may opt for more uncommon names with letter combinations like Ethan and Brandon. These less traditional options may be best suited for families who don’t want their child’s name to sound too much like someone else’s.

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