1014 Baby boy names that start with F

When your baby girl is born, she will be given a name. There are lots of baby names that start with “F”. What is the meaning of these baby names that start with “F”?

Some of the baby names that start with “F” include Felicity, Faith, Fiona, Faith, Felix, Faith, and Felicia. These names are very popular among parents around the world.

The meanings of these baby names that start with “F” are quite interesting. For instance, Fiona means “beloved”. Faith means “belief”. Faithful means “full of faith”. Felix means “fortunate”. Faithful means “full of faith”. Felicity means “happy”.

You can also check out the meaning of baby names that start with “F”. It will help you understand what these baby names mean and why they are so popular.

1014 Baby boy names that start with F

Fa Faruk Fife Fortunatus
Faafouina Farukh Fifer Fortune
Faaris Faruq Fig Fortunio
Faarth Faruqh Figaro Fortuny
Faas Farvardin Figgy Forty
Faaz Fashawn Fighter Fosco
Fabbro Fasolaki Figueroa Foster
Fabe Fast Fihr Fotios
Fabek Fasti Fikayo Fotis
Faber Fatdaddy Fiker Fouad
Fabert Fate Fikri Fountain
Fabian Fateh Fikunayomi Four
Fabianno Fatehbir Filadelfo Fourtney
Fabiano Fatheen Filbert Fowke
Fabianus Fathi Filberte Fowler
Fabien Fatih Filberto Fox
Fabio Fatmir Filemon Foxe
Fabion Fatou Filep Foxen
Fabius Fats Filex Foxglove
Fabiyus Fatt Filiberto Foxon
Fable Fattie Filip Foxworth
Fablon Faulconer Filipe Foxx
Fabre Faulconner Filippo Foy
Fabriano Faulkner Filippos Foyle
Fabrice Fauntleroy Fill Frabian
Fabricio Faunus Fillan Fraine
Fabricius Faust Fillin Framier
Fabritius Faustin Fillip Fran
Fabrizio Faustino Fillmon Franc
Fabrizius Faustinus Fillmore France
Fabrizzio Fausto Filman Frances
Fabron Fauston Filmer Francesc
Fabroni Faustus Filmore Francescantonio
Fabulous Faver Filomeno Francesco
Fabumi Favian Fimidara Franche
Fabunni Favio Fin Franchesco
Faby Favorite Finan Franchesko
Fabyan Favoured Finbar Franchot
Fabyen Favre Finbarr Francis
Facca Fawaz Finch Francisco
Face Fawke Findlay Franciscus
Fachnan Fawkes Findley Franciskus
Fachri Fawnes Fineas Franciszek
Fachtan Fawnus Finegan Franciszk
Fachtna Fawz Finesse Franck
Factor Fawzi Finest Francke
Facu Faxon Fingal Franckie
Facundo Fay Fingall Francklin
Fade Fayad Finian Francklyn
Fadejimi Fayard Finlas Franco
Fadel Fayaz Finlay Francois
Fadelio Faybian Finlea François
Fadendra Faybien Finlee Francola
Fadeyka Faybion Finley Francsezar
Fadeyusha Faybionn Finlo Frandscus
Fadhel Faydan Finn Frang
Fadhian Fayden Finnan Franio
Fadi Faydor Finnbar Franjo
Fadii Faye Finnbarr Frank
Fadil Fayette Finnbheara Frank Peter
Fading Fayiz Finnbjorn Frankie
Fady Fayo Finneas Frankito
Faebian Faysal Finnegan Franklin
Faebien Fayt Finnehas Franklinn
Faedon Fayth Finnen Franklyn
Faelan Fayto Finneus Franklynn
Faelen Faz Finney Franko
Faer Faze Finnian Franky
Faerwald Fazzy Finnick Frann
Fafner Fe Finnigan Frannie
Fagan Feardorcha Finnish Frannsaidh
Fagen Fearghal Finnlea Frano
Fagin Fearghall Finnlee Frans
Fagioiino Fearghas Finnley Fransisco
Faha Fearghus Finnobarr Frantisek
Fahad Feargus Finnr Frants
Fahari Fearless Finnur Frantz
Fahd Febe Finral Franz
Faheem February Fintan Franzel
Fahim Fedde Finubar Franzen
Fahman Fede Finvarra Franzin
Fahmy Fedele Fio Franzis
Fahri Fedelio Fionan Franziskus
Fai Federico Fionn Frasco
Faida Federigo Fionnbarr Frascuelo
Faiden Fedor Fionnbharr Fraser
Fain Fedora Fionnghall Frasier
Faine Fedyenka Fionnlagh Frasquito
Fairbairn Fee Fiorello Frayn
Fairbanks Feenix Fiorentino Frayne
Fairchild Feeny Fiorenzo Frazer
Fairfax Fegan Firas Frazier
Fairlay Feggan Firdaus Frazzle
Fairlee Fei Firdausi Frazzy
Fairleigh Feidhlim Firdos Frean
Fairlie Feie Fire Fred
Fairlight Feilding Fireball Fredd
Fairly Feisal Firenze Freddie
Fairman Feivel Firman Freddy
Fairs Feiwel Firmin Fredek
Fairweather Feko Firouz Frederic
Fairy Fela Firoz Frederich
Faisal Felan First Frederick
Faith Felder Firth Frederico
Faivish Felduard Fischer Frederik
Faiz Feli Fish Fredi
Faizan Felic Fishel Fredo
Fajar Felice Fisher Fredric
Fake Felician Fishy Fredrich
Fakey Feliciano Fisk Fredrick
Fakhir Felicien Fiske Fredrik
Fakhr al Din Felicio Fisscher Fredy
Fakhri Felicjan Fitch Free
Fakhruddin Felicks Fitz Freeborn
Fakhry Felike Fitzgerald Freed
Falaamatabi Feliks Fitzhugh Freedman
Falak Felim Fitzjames Freedom
Falaley Felinus Fitzpatrick Freeland
Falan Felipe Fitzroy Freeman
Falco Felipinho Fitzsimmons Freemon
Falcon Felipo Fitzwilliam Freen
Falconer Felippe Five Freezer
Falconner Felix Fiyero Freidhelm
Faldo Felixion Fjord Freidl
Falgun Felizio Flagolion Freitz
Falito Fell Flainn Frem
Falk Fellice Flake Freman
Falke Fellow Flame Fremont
Falken Felp Flaminio Frence
Falkner Felt Flaminius French
Fallon Felten Flamino Frenchy
Fallou Feltin Flanagan Frenki
Fallow Felton Flanary Freowine
Fallows Felyx Flann Fresco
Fallq Femi Flannagain Fresh
Falm Fen Flannan Frewen
Falmouth Fender Flannchad Frewin
Falsi Fenderick Flannery Frewyn
Falsol Fendi Flart Frey
Falt Feng Flash Freydolf
Fam Feni Flat Freydulf
Fame Fenian Flavel Freyer
Famere Fenix Flavelle Freyne
Fan Fenmore Flavian Freyr
Fane Fenn Flaviano Freys
Faneesh Fennec Flavien Frici
Fang Fennel Flavio Frick
Fanian Fenno Flavion Frida
Fanie Fenrir Flavius Friday
Fanish Fenris Flawiusz Frido
Fann Fenro Flecher Fridolf
Fannar Fenrys Fleet Fridolph
Fanny Fent Fleetwood Fridrik
Fano Fentan Fleming Fridtjof
Fant Fenton Flemming Fridulf
Fanta Fentse Flemmyng Friduwulf
Fantino Fenuku Flemyng Fridwolf
Fanuel Fenway Fletch Fried
Faodhagan Fenwick Fletcher Friedel
Faol Fenwicke Flin Friedelm
Faolan Feo Flinn Friederich
Faraday Feodor Flint Friedhelm
Farag Feodore Flip Friedman
Farah Feofan Floi Friedmann
Farai Ferd Floinn Friedolf
Faraj Ferdi Floki Friedrich
Faraji Ferdia Floor Friend
Farali Ferdie Flor Frieza
Faramir Ferdinand Floren Frigyes
Faramon Ferdinando Florence Frijole
Faramond Ferdo Florencio Frisco
Faramount Ferdowsi Florent Friso
Faramund Ferdynand Florentin Frist
Faramundo Feremonie Florentino Fristo
Faran Ferenc Florentius Frithjof
Farand Ferench Florentyn Fritjof
Faraz Fergal Florentz Frits
Farbod Fergall Florenz Fritz
Farboud Fergie Florestan Fritzi
Farbound Fergus Florian Fritzie
Farcry Ferguson Floriano Fritzl
Fard Fergusson Florice Frizzy
Faredun Feri Florien Frode
Fareed Ferid Florin Frodi
Fares Ferke Florinio Frodo
Fargo Ferko Florino Froggie
Farhad Fermin Floris Froglet
Farhan Fermont Florizel Froilan
Fari Fern Floro Fron
Farid Fernado Florrian Frono
Fariji Fernald Florus Frosch
Farin Fernand Floryan Frosche
Fariq Fernandas Flourish Frost
Faris Fernandito Flowers Frosti
Farish Fernando Floyd Frosty
Farkas Fernao Fluffy Froylan
Farlay Ferne Flyn Frutoso
Farlee Fernham Flynn Fry
Farleigh Ferni Flynt Fryderyk
Farley Fernlea Fodjour Frye
Farlie Fernlee Fofo Fryer
Farlow Fernleigh Fogarty Frysil
Farly Fernley Foike Fu
Farmer Ferny Fok Fuad
Farmin Ferran Foka Fudali
Farnall Ferrand Folarin Fudge
Farnam Ferrant Foley Fudhall
Farnell Ferrar Folke Fuego
Farnham Ferrari Folker Fuentes
Farnlea Ferrars Folsom Fugiki
Farnlee Ferrel Foluke Fuhrman
Farnleigh Ferrell Folvos Fuhrmann
Farnley Ferrer Foncho Fuji
Farnly Ferrier Fons Fujimoto
Farnum Ferrill Fonsie Fukuo
Faro Ferrin Fonso Ful
Farold Ferris Fontaine Fulbert
Faron Ferriss Fontana Fulbright
Farookh Ferron Fontane Fulco
Farouk Ferruccio Fontayne Fulgencio
Farquahar Ferryl Fonteyne Fulgentius
Farquar Festu Fonz Fulk
Farquarson Festus Fonzell Fulke
Farquhar Fetus Fonzie Fuller
Farquharson Feynman Fonzo Fullhugi
Farr Fezile Fonzy Fulton
Farran Ffinian Forba Fulvio
Farrand Ffranc Forbes Fumani
Farrant Ffransis Ford Fung
Farrar Fiachra Forde Furaha
Farras Fiacra Forden Furio
Farrel Fiacre Fordham Furious
Farrell Fice Fordon Furkan
Farren Fico Forest Furken
Farrer Fidal Forester Furmaan
Farrier Fidalio Forever Furman
Farrill Fidan Forgael Furmann
Farrimond Fidel Formosus Furnald
Farrimund Fidele Forrest Furqan
Farrin Fidelio Forrester Fursey
Farrington Fidelis Forseli Future
Farris Fidelix Forster Fuyuki
Farrish Fidello Forsyth Fyfe
Farrleigh Fidelo Forsythe Fyffe
Farrley Fidencio Fort Fyllip
Farrokh Fideo Fortenay Fylmer
Farron Fido Forteney Fynbar
Farrow Field Forteny Fynbos
Farrs Fielder Fortino Fynch
Farryll Fielding Fortitude Fynn
Fars Fields Fortney Fynnick
Farson Fiero Fortny Fyodor
Farss Fiete Fortunato Fyodore
Fyodr Fysher


When it comes to baby names, there is no better than F. It is not only a powerful letter, but it also has a lot of meaning.

The names that start with F have the power to change lives, and that is why they are always in demand.

If you are looking for baby boy names that start with F, you have come to the right place.

Here we have compiled a list of baby boy names that start with F and the meanings behind them. These names are not only beautiful, but they also make people feel more confident and secure.

If you want to have a baby boy with a name that is sure to inspire him, then check out this list of baby boy names that start with F.

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