1793 Baby Girl Names That Start With L

Finding the best baby girl names that start with L is a fun and interesting task. While many parents are looking for names that start with the letter L, it is not easy to find the perfect names that start with L. This is because there are lots of baby girl names that start with the letter L, and you have to choose carefully.

I have reviewed the best baby girl names that start with L that are unique and spell out a beautiful meaning. You may not find all these baby girl names starting with L, but I am sure that you will find at least one name among these baby girl names starting with L that you can choose.

It is important that you choose the baby girl name that you really want to give to your little girl. Choose a name that you love, and that you will love too. Do not worry about what others think about the name you have chosen. Your little girl will love the name, and so will you.

1793 Baby Girl Names That Start With L


L’Shawn Laurenca Li Loreal
L’Wren Laurence Li-ling Lorean
La Laurenda Li-ming Loreanna
Laana Laurene Lia Loreanne
Laanita Laurenne Liadain Loredana
Laaquarius Laurentia Liadan Loree
Labella Laurentina Liadawn Loreen
Laberta Laurentine Liah Loreena
Laboni Laurentyna Liahna Loreene
Labrenda Laurentyne Liahne Lorel
Labridget Laurenza Liam Lorelai
Labritney Lauressa Lian Lorelei
Lacacia Laurestine Liana Loreli
Lacara Lauretha Liane Lorell
Lace Lauretta Liang Lorella
Lacee Laurette Liann Lorelle
Lacene Lauri Lianna Lorelotte
Lacey Laurian Liannah Loren
Lachelle Lauriane Lianne Lorena
Lachesis Laurianne Liat Lorenda
Lachina Laurica Lib Lorene
Lachonda Laurice Liba Lorenia
Lachresa Lauricia Libba Lorenn
Laci Laurie Libbee Lorenna
Lacia Lauriel Libbey Lorenza
Laciann Laurien Libbi Lorenzcia
Lacie Laurin Libbie Lorenzia
Lacina Laurina Libby Lorenzina
Lacinda Laurinda Libbye Loreon
Lacole Laurine Libena Loreta
Lacoria Laurisa Libera Loreto
Lacoya Laurissa Liberada Loretta
Lacrasha Laurita Liberia Lorette
Lacreash Laurnea Libertad Loretto
Lacrecia Laurra Liberty Lorey
Lacresha Laurraine Libet Lori
Lacreshia Laurrane Libi Loria
Lacretia Laurren Libia Lorial
Lacricia Laury Libra Lorian
Lacrima Lauryn Librada Loriana
Lacrisha Laurynn Libussa Loriane
Lacrissa Laurynne Liby Loriann
Lacrista Lava Licha Lorianna
Lacy Lavada Lichah Lorianne
Lacyann Lavanda Licia Loribelle
Lacyndora Lavanna Lida Loribeth
Lada Laveda Lidah Lorie
Ladasha Lavella Lidda Loriel
Ladawn Lavena Lidia Lorien
Laday Lavender Lidie Lorilee
Ladey Lavenia Lidija Lorilei
Ladi Lavente Lidiya Lorilyn
Ladiva Lavera Lido Lorilynn
Ladon Laverine Lidweena Lorin
Ladonna Lavern Lidweina Lorina
Ladonne Laverna Lidwina Lorinda
Ladonya Laverne Lieana Lorine
Lady Laverrne Liegh Loris
Lael Laveta Lieka Lorisha
Laela Lavetta Lieke Lorissa
Laelia Lavette Liekki Lorita
Laeloni Laviai Liel Lorna
Laerke Lavina Lielle Lorne
Laetitia Lavinia Lien Lorra
Laetizia Lavinie Lienor Lorrae
Lagertha Lavon Liesa Lorraina
Laguna Lavona Liesbeth Lorraine
Lahela Lavonda Liese Lorrayne
Lahja Lavone Liesel Lorree
Lahoma Lavonia Lieselotte Lorrella
Lahvonne Lavonna Liesje Lorren
Lai Lavonne Liesl Lorretta
Laia Lavra Liette Lorrette
Laicee Lawahiz Lieve Lorri
Laicey Lawana Liezel Lorriane
Laici Lawanda Liezl Lorrie
Laidey Lawanna Ligeia Lorrin
Laidy Lawanza Light Lorrina
Laigh Lawra Lightning Lorrine
Laika Lawrence Ligia Lorrna
Laiken Lawrie Lihini Lorryn
Laikyn Lawson Liisa Lorrynn
Laikynn Laxmi Like Lory
Laila Layan Likem Lorynne
Lailah Layce Lil Lothaire
Lailie Laycee Lila Loti
Laily Layci Lilac Lotie
Laima Laycie Lilach Lotta
Laina Layke Lilaea Lottchen
Laine Layla Lilah Lotte
Lainee Laylah Lilaia Lottee
Lainey Laylani Lilas Lottey
Lainie Layna Lilavati Lotti
Lais Layne Lileas Lottie
Laís Laynee Lili Lottirie
Laïs Layney Lilia Lotty
Laisey Layton Liliam Lotus
Laisha Lazuli Lilian Lou
Laiyah Le Liliana Lou-Ann
Laiz Lea Liliane Louane
Lajessica Léa Lilianna Louann
Lajili Leaf Lilias Louanna
Lajni Leafy Lilibet Louanne
Lajoia Leah Lilibeth Loucetta
Lajoie Leaha Lilie Loucette
Lajuana Leahan Lilike Loucille
Lajuliette Leahlabel Lilikoi Loucinda
Laka Leala Lilimae Loucrecia
Lakaiya Lealani Lilinoe Loucresha
Lake Lealia Liliosa Loucretia
Lakea Lealie Lilit Loucrezia
Lakecia Lean Lilita Louella
Lakeesh Leana Lilith Louetta
Lakeesha Leanah Lilium Lougenia
Lakeisha Leanda Liliwen Louie
Lakelyn Leander Liliya Louisa
Laken Leandra Lilja Louise
Lakendra Leandre Lilla Louisetta
Lakendria Leandria Lillas Louisette
Lakenya Leane Lillee Louiseu
Lakesha Leanira Lillemor Louisiana
Lakeshia Leann Lillevi Louisiane
Lakesia Leanna Lilley Louisianna
Laketia Leannah Lilli Louisina
Lakey Leannan Lillia Louisine
Lakeysha Leannda Lilliah Louison
Lakia Leanne Lilliale Louiza
Lakicia Leannie Lilliam Loulabelle
Lakida Leanor Lillian Loulou
Lakiesha Leanora Lilliana Louna
Lakila Leanore Lilliane Loura
Lakisha Leanza Lilliann Lourdecita
Lakita Lear Lillianna Lourdes
Lakitia Leasa Lillianne Lourdetta
Lakiya Leatha Lillias Lourdette
Lakken Leatrice Lillibet Lourenca
Lakota Lechsinska Lillie Lourence
Lakotah Lecia Lillieana Louressa
Lakreesha LeCrecia Lilliet Lourie
Lakrisha Lecretia Lillika Lousine
Laksha Leda Lillita Louvenia
Lakshana Ledah Lillith Louvinia
Lakshita LeDonna Lilly Lova
Lakshmi Ledora Lillya Love
Lakynn Lee Lillyan Loveday
Lala Lee-Ann Lillyana Lovelace
Lalage Leea Lillyanna Lovella
Lale Leeah Lillyanne Lovely
Laleh Leeahnne Lilo Loverna
Lali Leean Lilou Lovetta
Lalia Leeann Liluri Lovey
Laliah Leeanna Lilwen Lovie
Lalika Leeanne Lilwenn Lovina
Lalisa Leece Lily Lovinia
Lalita Leecea Lilyan Lovis
Lalla Leecia Lilyana Lovisa
Lallia Leela Lilyann Lowanna
Lallie Leelah Lilyanna Lowdy
Lally Leelee Lilyanne Lowen
Lalya Leelia Lilybell Lowena
Lama Leemor Lilybet Lowenna
Lamar Leen Lilybeth Lowise
Lamarr Leena Lima Lowitja
Lamberta Leenah Limor Lowra
Lameeka Leentje Lin Lowran
Lami Leeona Lina Lowrelle
Lamia Leeor Linah Lowrenn
Lamina Leeora Lincoln Lowretta
Lamis Leerit Lind Lowri
Lamonica Leeron Linda Lowry
Lamorna Leesa Lindalee Lowrynn
Lamya Leese Lindareina Loxley
Lan Leesha Linday Loyal
Lana Leeta Lindee Loyalty
Lanae Leetriss Linden Loyce
Lanai Leeya Lindenn Loyda
Lanakila Leeza Lindey Loyise
Lanata Lefa Lindezza Loyola
Lanay Legaci Lindi Lozen
Land Legacy Lindie Lu
Landon Legend Lindira Lua
Landra Legendary Lindita Luan
Landry Leggra Lindiwe Luana
Landy Legra Lindka Luanda
Lane Lehanna Lindon Luane
Lanecia Lehanne Linds Luann
Lanee Lehava Lindsay Luanna
Laneetra Lehavit Lindsayjean Luannah
Laneisha Lehua Lindsea Luanne
Lanell Lei Lindsee Luannie
Lanelle Leia Lindseigh Luba
Lanesha Leiah Lindsey Lubah
Lanessa Leialoha Lindseylee Lubna
Lanetta Leiana Lindsie Lubomira
Lanette Leiandra Lindsy Lubov
Laney Leiane Lindy Luca
Lang Leianne Lindylee Lucasta
Langlea Leica Lindynn Lucca
Langlee Leida Lindze Luce
Langleigh Leigh Lindzie Lucena
Langley Leigh-Anne Lindzy Lucerna
Lani Leigha Line Lucerne
Lanice Leighah Linea Lucero
Lanie Leighan Linell Lucetta
Laniece Leighana Linelle Lucette
Lanika Leighanabel Linet Luci
Lanisha Leighanna Linett Lucia
Lanita Leighanne Linetta Luciana
Laniyah Leighia Linette Lucianna
Lannah Leighton Ling Lucida
Lannie Leikela Linita Lucie
Lanny Leila Linka Luciela
Lantana Leilah Linley Lucienne
Lantanna Leilani Linn Lucija
Laoise Leilanie Linna Lucile
Lapaula Leilany Linnae Lucilia
Lapis Leilia Linnaea Lucilla
Laporsha Leimomi Linnea Lucille
Laqualia Leina Linnéa Lucina
Laquana Leinani Linnell Lucinda
Laquanda Leire Linnet Lucinde
Laquarius Leisa Linnett Lucine
Laqueen Leisel Linnette Lucinna
Laqueena Leisha Linnie Luciole
Laquela Leith Linnora Lucita
Laquesha Leitha Linora Lucja
Laqueta Leithe Linsay Lucky
Laquilla Leithia Linsday Lucrece
Laquina Leizel Linsey Lucrecia
Laquinda Lėja Linsi Lucreecia
Laquinta Lekeesha Linsie Lucreesha
Laquisha Lekeisha Linz Lucreisha
Laquita Lekesia Linze Lucresha
Lara Lekisha Linzey Lucretia
Larae Lela Linzi Lucrezia
Laraene Lelac Linzie Lucy
Laragh Lelah Linzy Lucya
Larah Leland Lionel Lucyja
Larain Lelani Lionela Lucyle
Laraine Lelia Lior Lucyna
Laralaine Lelise Liora Lucynell
Laraline Lellia Liorit Lucza
Laralyn Lelonni Lipika Luda
Laramae Lemmie Liquia LuDawn
Laramie Lemmitty Lira Ludia
Laramy Lemon Liri Ludie
Laranca Lemuela Liriel Ludivina
Laras Lemuelah Lirio Ludivine
Laray Lemuella Lirit Ludmila
Larayne Lemuellah Liron Ludmilla
Larch Lena Lis Ludovica
Larea Lenae Lisa Ludovika
Laree Lenah Lisabel Ludwiga
Lareesa Lenai Lisabet Ludwika
Lareine Lenarda Lisabeth Lue
Laren Lenda Lisabette Luella
Larena Lendsey Lisamari Luelle
Larentia Lendsi Lisan Luetta
Larentina Lendsy Lisandra Luigina
Larenzina Lene Lisandrina Luisa
Laresa Leneta Lisandrine Luisana
Laresha Lenette Lisanne Luise
Laretha Leni Lisbell Luiseach
Laretta Lenia Lisbet Luisianna
Larhonda Lenice Lisbeth Luiza
Lari Lenie Lisbett Lujain
Larianna Lenis Lisbetta Lujayn
Larianne Lenita Lisbette Lujza
Larimar Lenka Lise Lujzika
Larin Lenna Lisebet Luknė
Larina Lennarda Lisel Lula
Larinda Lennice Liselotte Lulabelle
Larine Lennis Liset Lulani
Larisa Lennon Liseta Luli
Larisha Lennox Liseth Lulie
Lariss Lenny Lisette Lulit
Larissa Lenoir Lisha Lulita
Larissas Lenor Lishan Lullaby
Larissia Lenora Lisia Lulu
Larita Lenorah Lisl Luluah
Laritza Lenore Lismarie Luma
Larizza Lenorr Lismaris Lumen
Lark Lenorra Lismary Lumi
Larkin Lenorre Lismel Lumia
Larkspur Lenos Lismely Lumière
Laronda Lensey Lisolette Lumikki
Larra Lenuschka Lison Luminara
Larraine Lenushka Lissa Luminosa
Larrayna Lenya Lissandra Lumusi
Larreina Lenyushka Lissandre Luna
Larren Leocadia Lissandrina Lunaria
Larretta Leoda Lissandrine Lunarose
Larrin Leodora Lisset Lundie
Larrina Leoine Lissete Lundy
Larrisa Leokadia Lissett Lune
Larrissa Leola Lissette Luned
Larryn Leolani Lissey Lunet
Larrynn Leoline Lissi Lunete
Larsa Leoma Lissie Luneth
Larsen Leon Lissy Lunetta
Larsina Leona Liszka Lunette
Larsine Leonara Lita Lunika
Larson Leonarda Litia Lunneta
Larssen Leonarde Litisha Lupe
Larsson Leoncia Litsea Lupelina
Larue Leondra Litzea Lupin
Laryn Leone Litzy Lupine
Larysa Leonelle Liu Lupita
Laryssa Leonia Liv Lura
Lasalle Leonida Liva Lurdes
Lasandra Leonie Livana Lurene
Laseana Léonie Livanna Lurette
Lashae Leonila Livaun Lurleen
Lashana Leonilda Lively Lurlene
Lashanda Leonna Livia Lurline
Lashandra Leonor Livian Lusa
Lashanna Leonora Liviana Luseele
Lashannon Leonore Livie Lush
Lashanta Leontina Livienne Lusile
Lasharon Leontine Livija Lusine
Lashaun Leontyne Livingston Lusita
Lashauna Leopolda Livinia Lutana
Lashaunda Leopoldine Livna Lutza
Lashaunta Leor Livvie Luuka
Lashawn Leora Livvy Luvena
Lashawna Leorah Livy Luvenia
Lashawnda Leota Livya Luvina
Lashay Leotie Liya Luvinia
Lashea Leotine Liyana Luwana
Lasheba Lepa Liz Lux
Lasheele Lepaula Liza Luxor
Lashell Lepeka Lizabeth Luxury
Lashenia Leposava Lizandra Luz
Lasherri Lera Lizanne Luzelena
Lashon Leraine Lizbet Luzette
Lashona Lerayne Lizbeth Luzia
Lashonda Leretta Lizbett Luziana
Lashunda Lerissa Lizbiff Luzija
Lashundra Lerryn Lize Luzita
Lasma Les Lizelle Lyana
Lasonda Lesa Lizena Lyanna
Lasonya Lesedi Lizet Lycia
Lassey Lesha Lizete Lycka
Lassie Lesia Lizeth Lyda
Lastarr Leslea Lizett Lydah
Lata Leslee Lizette Lydda
Latacha Lesleigh Lizmarie Lydia
Latacia Lesley Lizveth Lydian
Latania Lesleyanne Lizz Lydie
Latanja Lesli Lizzeth Lygia
Latanya Leslie Lizzette Lyja
Latarisha Lesly Lizzi Lykke
Latarra Leslye Lizzie Lyla
Latarsha Lesy Lizzieann Lylah
Latascha Lesya Loreah Lyle
Latasha Leta Lizzy Lylli
Latausha Letasha Ljiljana Lyn
Latavia Letashia ljiljiana Lyna
Latavis Letasiah Ljubica Lynae
Lataysha Letecia Ljubinka Lynah
Lateasha Leteisha Ljudmila Lynda
Lateashia Letesha Llarely Lyndall
Latecia Leteshia Llee Lynde
Lateefa Letetia Llesenia Lyndee
Lateefah Letha Lleucu Lyndel
Lateesha Lethe Lliana Lyndell
Lateicia Lethia Llinda Lynden
Lateifa Letice Llio Lyndi
Lateiffa Letichia Llùcia Lyndia
Lateisha Leticia Lluisa Lyndsay
Lateka Letícia Lo Lyndsea
Latenna Leticja Loa Lyndsee
Latesa Letisha Loan Lyndsey
Lateshia Letishia Loana Lyndsie
Latia Letisia Locklyn Lyndy
Latice Letitia Lodovica Lyne
Laticia Letiticia Loela Lynea
Latiesha Letitisha Loelia Lynelda
Latifa Letiza Loella Lynell
Latifah Letizia Loena Lynelle
Latiffa Leto Loes Lynessa
Latina Letoya Lofn Lynett
Latisa Letreece Logan Lynetta
Latisha Letrice Logann Lynette
Latishia Letta Loganne Lynka
Latissa Lettechia Loida Lynlee
Latissha Lettee Loie Lynley
Latitia Lettice Loir Lynn
Lativia Letticia Loirane Lynna
Latoccia Lettie Loire Lynnae
Latoia Lettisha Lois Lynnda
Latona Lettitia Loisa Lynndie
Latonia Letty Loise Lynne
Latonya Letycja Loja Lynnea
Latora Leucosia Loke Lynnelle
Latoria Leura Lokelani Lynnet
Latorya Levana Loki Lynneth
Latosha Levania Lola Lynnett
Latoshia Levanna Lolani Lynnette
Latoya Levenia Loleta Lynnsey
Latoyah Leverett Loletta Lynnzee
Latoyia Leverne Lolicia Lynnzey
Latoyla Leveta Lolita Lynsey
Latrecia Levi Lolla Lynwen
Latreece Levia Lollie Lynx
Latreese Leviathan Lolly Lynzea
Latreshia Levina Lolo Lynzee
Latrice Levinia Loma Lynzey
Latricia Levona Lona Lynzi
Latrina Levonda Londa Lynzie
Latrisha Levonne London Lynzy
Lauda Lewana Londyn Lyra
Laudes Lewanna Londynn Lyria
Laudine Lex Lone Lyric
Laudomia Lexa Lonee Lyrica
Laudonia Lexandra Lonette Lyrical
Laufeia Lexann Long Lyricia
Launa Lexanna Loni Lyris
Laur Lexanne Lonie Lys
Laura Lexee Lonna Lysandra
Laurah Lexi Lonni Lysbet
Lauraine Lexia Lonnie Lysbeth
Laural Lexie Looney Lysbette
Lauralea Lexina Lopa Lyse
Lauralee Lexine Lora Lysette
Lauralei Lexington Lorabelle Lysistrata
Laurali Lexis Lorabeth Lysithea
Lauralle Lexus Lorah Lyssa
Lauraly Lexy Lorain Lyssandra
Lauralynn Lexya Loraina Lyssi
Lauran Leya Loraine Lyssianne
Laurana Leyah Lorainne Lyssie
Laurann Leyan Loralee Lystra
Laure Leyanne Loraleen Lyta
Laureen Leyda Loralei Lytisha
Laureena Leyla Loraleigh Lyuba
Laurel Leylani Loralie Lyubah
Laurelei Leyna Loralinda Lyubov
Laurelen Leynee Loralle Lyudmila
Laureli Leyre Loralyn Lyvia
Laurelie Leysa Loran Lyz
Laurelin Leyton Lorane Lyza
Laureline Leza Lorann Lyzbet
Laurell Lezette Loranna Lyzbeth
Laurella Lezith Loranne Lyzbette
Laurelle Lezlee Lorayne Lyzette
Lauren Lezleigh Lorca Lyzz
Lauren Marie Lezley Lore
Laurena Lezlie


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A list of baby girl names starting with L is something that every parent wants to have. A baby name that starts with L can be really nice for a girl. The letter L can stand for many meanings.

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