1422 Baby Girl Names That Start With R

Looking for baby girl names that start with R? Baby name experts have listed the most popular baby girl names starting with R. You can learn more about these names to make an informed decision about naming your little girl.

R names can be found among popular names like Rachel, Ruby, Regina, Rebecca, Rhiannon, and Raven. Other R names include Ruth, Rachelle, Rhonda, Rhea, Rheavelle, and Reena. Popular names with R as the first letter include Renata, Rena, Renee, Renee, and Renelle.

If you are looking for a baby girl name that starts with R, then consider these popular baby girl names starting with R.

1422 Baby Girl Names That Start With R


Raabia Rayann Rhody Rosalea
Raadhika Rayanna Rhona Rosalee
Raag Rayannah Rhonda Rosaleen
Raahi Rayanne Rhondalynn Rosaleigh
Raakel Raychael Rhondda Rosalen
Raakin Raychel Rhondelle Rosalena
Raameen Raychelle Rhondene Rosaley
Raamiah Raycine Rhondiesha Rosalia
Raashi Raye Rhonette Rosalie
Rabab Rayeann Rhoni Rosalin
Rabanne Rayelle Rhonnda Rosalina
Rabbit Rayen Rhosan Rosalind
Rabbiya Rayette Rhoswen Rosalinda
Rabea Raygan Rhosyn Rosalinde
Rabeeha Rayla Rhowena Rosaline
Rabhya Raylee Rhoya Rosalinn
Rabia Rayleen Rhudi Rosalva
Rabiah Rayleigh Rhyan Rosalyn
Rabitah Rayleine Rhylan Rosalynd
Racele Raylene Rhylee Rosalynda
Racer Rayliegh Rhylen Rosalyne
Rach Raylin Rhyme Rosalynn
Rachael Raylina Rhyslinn Rosalynne
Rachaela Rayline Rhythm Rosamaria
Rachaele Raylynn Ria Rosamond
Rachal Rayma Ría Rosamonde
Rachalle Rayme Riah Rosamund
Rachana Raymonde Riahn Rosamunda
Rachanna Rayn Rian Rosana
Rache Rayna Riana Rosanagh
Racheal Raynae Riane Rosanah
Rachel Rayne Riann Rosangela
Rachela Raynee Rianna Rosanie
Rachelann Raynel Rianne Rosann
Rachelanne Raynell Riannon Rosanna
Rachelce Raynelle Rianon Rosannah
Rachele Raynesha Riayn Rosanne
Racheli Raynetta Ribecca Rosaria
Rachell Rayney Ribqah Rosario
Rachella Raynisha Rica Rosaura
Rachelle Raynne Ricarda Rosay
Rachelyn Rayo Ricca Roschan
Racher Rayona Riccarda Roschella
Rachil Rayquel Ricci Roschelle
Rachna Rayshell Richarda Rose
Rachy Rayssa Richardella Rose Ellen
Rachyl Rayven Richardene Rosealenna
Rackel Rayvenne Richardette Rosealynn
Racquel Rayvinn Richardina Roseann
Racquell Rayya Richardyne Roseanna
Racy Rayzel Richel Roseanne
Rada Razaan Richela Roseda
Radana Razi Richeldis Rosee
Radclyffe Razia Richele Rosehannah
Raddix Raziah Richell Roseisela
Radella Raziela Richella Rosel
Radeyah Raziella Richelle Roselaine
Radha Razilee Richenda Roselee
Radhani Razili Richenza Roselene
Radhika Raziya Richette Roselette
Radhiya Rea Richie Roselia
Radhya Read Richilene Roselica
Radiah Reade Richina Roselie
Radilla Reagan Richmal Roselin
Radinka Reagen Richmalle Roselina
Radka Reaghan Richonda Roselind
Radlee Reah Rici Roselinda
Radmila Reana Ricka Roselinde
Radmilla Reanan Rickee Roseline
Radnya Reane Rickel Roselinn
Radomira Reann Rickesha Rosell
Radoslava Reanna Ricki Rosella
Radoslawa Reannah Ricki Leigh Roselle
Radwa Reannan Rickia Rosellen
Rae Reanne Rickie Rosely
Rae-lynn Reannen Rickilee Roselyn
Raea Reannon Rickina Roselynda
Raeana Reatha Rickita Roselynde
Raeann Reba Rickquel Roselyne
Raeanna Rebakah Ricky Roselynn
RaeAnna Rebbeca Ricole Rosemaree
Raeanne Rebbecca Ricquel Rosemarey
Raechel Rebbecka Ricquelle Rosemari
Raechele Rebbie Ricquie Rosemaria
Raechell Rebeca Rida Rosemarie
Raechelle Rebecca Riddhi Rosemary
Raechul Rebeccah Riddhima Rosemeen
Raedell Rebeccea Ridgeley Rosemene
Raedine Rebeccka Ridhi Rosemienta
Raee Rebecha Ridley Rosemond
Raegan Rebecka Rie Rosemonda
Raeghan Rebeckah Rieca Rosemonde
Raelaine Rebeckia Riece Rosemunda
Raelani Rebecky Riecka Rosena
Raeleah Rebeha Riegan Rosenah
Raelean Rebeka Rieka Rosenda
Raelee Rebekah Rieko Rosene
Raeleen Rebekha Rielle Rosenelle
Raeleigh Rebekka Rielyn Roser
Raelena Rebekkah Riesa Roseshar
Raelene Rebekke Riese Rosetta
Raelie Rebel Riet Rosette
Raelin Rebeque Rieta Rosey
Raelina Reberta Rifka Rosezana
Raella Rechell Rifkah Rosezella
Raelle Rechelle Rifke Roshan
Raelyn Red Riga Roshana
Raelyne Reda Rigina Roshanara
Raelynn Redell Rigmor Roshandra
Raelynne Redmilla Rigoberta Roshaundra
Raen Ree Rihana Roshawn
Raena Reeanne Rihanna Roshawna
Raenah Reeba Riho Rosheen
Raene Reece Riia Rosheena
Raenisha Reed Riina Roshele
Raeshelle Reeda Riju Roshell
Raevynn Reegan Rika Roshelle
Raewyn Reem Rikell Roshena
Rafa Reema Rikelle Roshenna
Rafaela Reena Riki Roshni
Rafaelia Reene Rikia Rosi
Rafah Reeree Rikita Rosia
Rafella Reesa Rikka Rosie
Rafelle Reese Rikke Rosilee
Raffaela Reeta Rikki Rosina
Raffaele Reeva Rikkie Rosine
Raffaella Reevabel Rikst Rosio
Raffia Reeve Rilee Rosita
Rafika Refaella Rileigh Rosli
Rafina Refella Riley Roslin
Rafisa Refugia Rilla Roslyn
Rafsha Regan Rille Roslynn
Raga Regena Rilletta Roslynne
Ragan Regene Rillette Rosmarie
Raghda Regenia Rilynn Rosmund
Ragina Regennia Rim Rosmunda
Ragini Reggie Rima Rosonya
Ragna Reghan Rimona Ross
Ragnhild Regia Rina Rossalyn
Ragnhilda Regiena Rinah Rossalynn
Ragnhilde Regin Rinda Rossana
Ragni Regina Rini Rossane
Ragnild Regine Rinzen Rossanna
Ragnilda Reginy Rio Rosse
Ragnilde Regitze Rioghnach Rossetta
Raguel Reham Riona Rossie
Rahab Rehema Rionach Rosslyn
Rahel Rei Rionagh Rostislava
Rahele Reia Rionna Rosy
Rahil Reid Rionnagh Roszanna
Rahila Reida Rionnah Roszlynn
Rahilya Reidun Ripley Rotem
Rahima Reigh Riqua Roula
Rahimat Reighlynn Risa Roux
Rahma Reign Rise Rowan
Rahne Reihan Risha Roweena
Rahni Reiko Rita Roweina
Rahshel Reiley Rithika Rowen
Rai Reilley Ritika Rowena
Raia Reillie Ritsa Rowenna
Raidah Reilly Ritta Rowina
Raileigh Réiltín Riva Rowyn
Railey Reilynn Rivah Roxan
Raima Reina Rivalee Roxana
Raimonda Reine Rive Roxandra
Rain Reinella Rivekka Roxane
Raina Reinelle River Roxann
Rainah Reinette Rivera Roxanna
Rainbeau Reinheld Riverlyn Roxanne
Rainbeaux Reiny Rivi Roxeena
Rainbow Reiona Rivka Roxene
Raine Reisa Rivkah Roxey
Rainee Reita Rivke Roxi
Rainelle Rejina Rivky Roxiane
Rainey Rejine Rivy Roxianna
Raini Rejoice Rixt Roxianne
Rainie Rejoyce Riya Roxie
Rainn Reka Riyaa Roxine
Rainna Rekha Ro Roxolana
Rainy Relkel Roana Roxy
Raisa Rella Roanne Roxyanna
Raisabel Rema Roba Roxyanne
Raissa Remedios Robbee Roya
Raisse Remedy Robbey Royal
Raivyn Remember Robbi Royale
Raiza Remenyi Robbie Royalene
Raizel Remi Robbilyn Royalina
Raizy Remie Robbin Royall
Raja Remilia Robby Royalla
Rajalakshmi Remington Robbyetta Royalle
Rajamani Reminisce Robbyn Royalty
Rajanae Remmy Robee Royalyn
Rajanee Remona Robeena Royalynne
Rajani Remonna Robella Royanna
Rajashree Remy Robelle Royce
Rajata Remyah Robena Royyale
Rajena Ren Robene Roz
Rajeshwari Rena Robenia Roza
Raji Renad Robenita Rozaida
Rajika Renae Roberda Rozalee
Rajnandini Renata Robernetta Rozali
Rajya Renate Roberta Rozalia
Rakeidra Renatha Robertena Rozalie
Rakel Renatta Robertene Rozalin
Rakelle Renay Robertha Rozalind
Rakhi Renda Robertia Rozalinda
Raksha Rendi Robertina Rozaline
Rakshitha Rene Robertine Rozalyn
Ralana Renea Robetta Rozalyne
Raleigh Renee Robette Rozalynn
Raleine Reneen Robettina Rozalynne
Raley Reneerose Robi Rozamond
Ralphina Reneeta Robin Rozamund
Ralphine Reneisha Robina Rozann
Raluca Renell Robine Rozanne
Rama Renelle Robinet Roze
Ramaa Renesemee Robinett Rozeanna
Ramah Renesme Robinetta Rozele
Ramana Renesmee Robinette Rozelie
Rambha Reness Robinia Rozelin
Ramee Reneta Robinn Rozelind
Rameesah Renetta Robinson Rozelinda
Ramella Reney Robinta Rozella
Ramelle Renfri Robyn Rozelle
Ramesh Reni Robyna Rozellia
Ramey Renia Robynette Rozelund
Ramia Renie Robynn Rozely
Ramie Renilda Robynna Rozelyn
Ramiele Renilde Robynne Rozelynda
Ramla Renisa Roch Rozemarie
Ramoena Renise Rochale Rozena
Ramohna Renita Rochel Rozene
Ramona Renjini Rochele Rozetta
Ramonda Renmani Rochell Rozina
Ramonde Renna Rochelle Rozland
Ramonita Rennae Rochette Rozletta
Ramonna Renne Rocio Rozlyn
Ramowna Rennie Roda Rozlynn
Ramsay Renny Rodalyn Rozmary
Ramsey Renowe Roddie Rozsa
Ramsi Renske Rodeline Rozsi
Ramya Renuka Roderica Rozsika
Ran Renyta Rodericka Rozy
Rana Reot Roderiga Rrenae
Ranae Reout Roderika Rubee
Ranay Rephaela Roderique Rubena
Randa Rephayelle Roderqua Rubenna
Randee Requiem Rodi Ruberta
Randelle Resa Rodie Rubetta
Randene Reseda Rodina Rubey
Randi Resha Roelene Rubi
Randie Reshell Roeline Rubianne
Randilee Reshelle Roesia Rubie
Randilynn Reshma Rogue Rubina
Randlyn Resi Rohais Rubine
Randy Ressie Rohana Rubinia
Ranee Reta Rohanna Ruby
Ranelle Retha Rohini Rubye
Rani Retta Roice Rubyn
Rania Reubena Roksana Rubyna
Ranice Reubina Roksanne Ruchelle
Ranielle Reut Roksolana Ruchi
Ranillda Reuvena Rolanda Ruchie
Ranique Reva Rolande Ruchika
Ranit Revan Roldana Rudella
Ranita Revathi Rolene Rudelle
Ranite Reve Rolien Rudi
Ranith Reveka Roline Rudie
Ranitta Revekah Rolleen Rue
Raniyah Revekka Rollene Rufeena
Ranjana Revel Rollina Rufeine
Ranjini Reverie Rolline Ruffina
Ranjita Revital Rolyne Rufina
Ranju Rexalla Roma Rugma
Ranna Rexana Romaine Ruhi
Rannveig Rexanna Romala Rukan
Ranog Rexanne Romalda Rukmani
Ranveig Rexella Romana Rukmini
Ranya Rexelle Romany Ruksana
Raoula Rexetta Romayne Ruksane
Raoule Rexina Romea Ruksanna
Raphaela Rexine Romeine Rumer
Raphaella Rey Romelia Rumi
Raphaelle Reya Romella Rumina
Raphaëlle Reyanne Romelle Runa
Raphayella Reyba Romene Rune
Raphella Reyhan Romi Runo
Rapunzel Reyna Romila Rupa
Raqueal Reynae Romilda Rupal
Raquel Reynalda Romilde Ruperta
Raquela Reyne Romina Rupetta
Raquele Reynelle Romita Ruphyna
Raquell Reyney Romma Rupinder
Raquella Reynilda Rommola Ruqayya
Raquelle Reynilde Romney Rusanne
Rasa Reynolds Romola Ruscelle
Raschel Reza Romolla Rushell
Raschelle Rezan Romona Rushelle
Rasha Rezi Romonda Rusti
Rashada Rezka Romonde Rut
Rashana Rhachel Romonia Ruta
Rashanda Rhae Romsha Rute
Rashauna Rhaenyra Romula Ruth
Rasheda Rhaine Romy Rutha
Rasheeda Rhainne Rona Ruthann
Rasheedah Rhanion Ronae Ruthanne
Rasheida Rhapsody Ronalda Ruthe
Rashel Rhaya Ronay Ruthelle
Rashele Rhayne Ronda Ruthellen
Rashell Rhea Rondanielle Ruthetta
Rashelle Rheabecca Rondel Ruthi
Rashi Rhealyn Rondelle Ruthie
Rashida Rheana Rondi Ruthina
Rashidah Rheann Ronee Ruthine
Rashika Rheanna Ronela Ruwaydah
Rashmi Rheannan Ronella Ruza
Rashyda Rheanne Ronelle Ruzena
Rasia Rheannon Ronette Ruzenka
Rasika Rheba Rong Ruzha
Rasine Rheeta Roni Ruzsa
Rasita Rhegan Ronica Rya
Rasja Rheine Ronika Ryah
Rasya Rhema Ronisha Ryan
Rata Rhemi Roniya Ryana
Rathi Rhemy Ronja Ryane
Rati Rheta Ronna Ryann
Ratima Rhetta Ronnda Ryanna
Ratka Rheyna Ronnee Ryanne
Ratna Rhia Ronnella Rycca
Ratnakara Rhian Ronnelle Rychelle
Ratnima Rhiana Ronnette Ryckie
Raula Rhiane Ronney Ryder
Raunak Rhianen Ronni Rye
Rava Rhiann Ronnica Ryelee
Raveena Rhianna Ronnie Ryen
Raven Rhiannan Ronny Ryenne
Ravena Rhianne Roohi Ryette
Ravenna Rhiannen Rook Rylan
Ravija Rhiannon Rooney Rylee
Ravina Rhianon Roopa Ryleigh
Ravinia Rhianydd Roos Ryley
Ravinna Rhica Roqhelle Rylie
Ravital Rhienne Roquel Rylin
Ravitie Rhilynn Rora Rylina
Raviva Rhine Rori Rylly
Ravyn Rhiya Rory Rylyn
Rawand Rhoda Ros Rylynn
Rawena Rhodante Rosa Rynn
Rawiya Rhodanthe Rosabel Ryo
Rawleigh Rhodea Rosabella Ryoko
Rawley Rhodeia Rosabelle Rysa
Rawnie Rhodes Rosae Ryss
Ray Rhodia Rosai Ryssa
Raya Rhodie Rosaida Ryszarda
Rayah Rhodina Rosal
Rayana Rhodos Rosalba


Finding the best baby girl names that start with R can be challenging. Some people think that the best baby girl name is a name that starts with R. While others think that the best baby girl name is a name that starts with an S.

If you are confused about choosing the best baby girl names that start with R or S, then you should know that these names are not related to your gender. So, the best baby girl names do not matter whether they are boy or girl names.

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